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What should you do to become attractive to your bride from Russia?


If you are involved in the process of looking for your partner on a dating website, you should be interested in the peculiarities of this process. It is important to know rules, which guarantee the successful communication. We should mention there are a lot in common between online and offline dating. The psychology is the same, the form of communication is different, which requires being skilled in writing letters and reading the messages taking into account all hints in it to draw a correct conclusion about a lady. Here it is important to understand that women you have chosen for online dating may have several guys sending them letters, that is why you are expected to stand out and have such set of personal traits, which attracts that very lady.

So, what are you expected to do or to be? We would not place it as the first item but it is really very crucial to be able to support a family. The point is that men are expected to provide women with both physical and financial safety. The Russian ladies are ready to love, to share the responsibility and help their husbands to the extent practicable but as any woman creating a family they want to live in safe living conditions. Of course the level of comfort can be different for various ladies but still the men in good standing are in high demand. When we speak about safety, we include such parameters as healthy living, physical fitness and social status as well. Besides, it is not enough to have all the above mentioned possibilities but a man should be ready to offer them to his bride-to-be. We’d rather talk about wish and not only readiness here. You know the desire of a man to let a woman in his private life has an emotional influence and attracts a potential partner. This is a matter of trust and large-handedness.

Including all the above, such personal traits as kindness, tolerance, intelligence, trustworthiness, a sense of humor are taken into account badly and can be the most important ones for a range of women. This emotional attractiveness is a base for your understanding though sometimes it is not sufficient because there are Russian women who prefer the sexual attraction to the emotional one. She can forgive you if you are not able to make fun, but if you do not match each other in bed, it can be a reason of rejection. Though when you do correspondence, it is difficult to find out whether you are a good lover but even in this case the magic chemistry can be felt even over distance, you know. Besides, you can make a mistake taking the liberty to use rude words, start with early intimate talks or messing everything just with your attitude, which the particular lady suggests to be inappropriate to her. You should be sure you are able to express your sexual thoughts and fantasies, tell about your experience of this kind in such a way, which will be attractive for a woman.

To this end we want to discuss the popular advice connected with “being yourself”. You should see the difference between self-confidence, directness and indifference, profound ignorance. You should not show our poverty in your knowledge of the life aspects and principle rules of relationships. You just cannot continue being ironic if it is natural for you but it hurts people and leads to frustration of your partners. Do not be enfant terrible if you are going to create a family! You should not describe your unhappy relations in details just because you cannot leave your past behind. Do not be pessimistic if you promise to support your new partner. Make sure that your “being yourself” does not turn to be selfishness. And at the same time trying to be perfect you’d better be honest charming a lady because Russian women can be quick on the uptake.