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What mistakes can be found in a profile of your bride from Russia when she is over 40?


When you are interested in a lady at mature age (let’s say when she is about 40 or older) you can face some mistakes in their behavior, which you’d better forgive if you want to have relations with that very lady.

As it is clear the online dating begins with a profile. It goes without saying that you cannot rely on its completely true content. But this information is telling in any way. Does a lady manage to make it to attract the interest of an opposite-sex partner? The point is that a woman at the above age can refuse to attach importance to this dating tool. She will take a chance to meet a partner online behaving like in a real life, meaning she believes in her beauty and power and is sure that a man should initiate the conversation. That is why you can find a very short and dull profile without any hint on flirt. She is too serious and believes in destiny. You can bet that she sits back and expects from men to conquer her. To some extent she is right but this position is admissible when a range of candidates are already interested in her. If nobody has written yet, she should make efforts in order to achieve the wanted result.

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Well, if you see such a situation and still a picture of a lady arouses your interest, try to write the first letter overcoming this obstacle in the form of her passivity. Besides you should leave out of account her inability to make her profile easy and fun. She can make an advertising of it just specifying her strong points and parameters on the one hand and a wish list with regard to a potential partner on the other hand. Of course being adult and experienced any lady usually knows her merits and understands what she wants to see in her partner… but is there something in this approach that holds you off? This long and too demanding list of her likes and dislikes can irritate you. Still a profile does not only inform a candidate of its author’s preferences, but it is intended to give an opportunity to market a woman or a man.

So if you do like a woman but feels disappointed with such her attitude, you should try to write and ask her questions, the answer on which you are interested to know. Thus you will be able to get a picture of what it feels like to be in a relationship with that lady. You can prove your first good impression of her or refuse the idea to continue communication thinking that at least you have tried. Another wrong thing with a profile of an older woman is her wish to demonstrate her experience and hard work at relations during a long period. It can frighten after all and be binding in some way.

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You can read something like: “I’ve waited so long for my significant other.” Reading this sentence you can feel that you have no right for a mistake. You are expected to be her better half. Try to ignore those high expectations and follow your heart if you feel that a lady is attractive. Perhaps she just reads some patterns and applies the common form though in reality she will be a tolerant and understanding woman. To the contrary you should not pay a lot of attention to the ideas read between lines about the fact that there is no room in her life for new relationships. Do not be impressed by her achievements or business or talents. If she is looking for a partner on a dating site, she needs a man who will love her being strong, gallant and reliable. For sure she wants to meet an important contributor to her current life. So be sure of your power and write the first letter.