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Rules which should be broken when dating online with your bride from Russia


You have heard about those dating rules and even tried to read some of them but they are so annoying and incomprehensible that you abandoned the hope to apply them in a real life. You are registered on a dating website and start communicating but you cannot catch the reason for so many rejections or even absence of respond to your first letter. Such is life! You’d better return to those rules and try to follow them, perhaps the reasons for refusals lie not in a wrong lady or in a bad site but in the mistakes you make trying to attract partners.

There is another course of events. You have learnt all the recommendations before you start dating and now you apply them in good faith but still there are problems with a partner. You are ready to refuse all those hints and even the attempts suggesting that the serious relationships are not for you. This is a wrong decision, the so-called dead-end road. Perhaps the answer involves the wrong rules, which are no longer in use and have already been replaced with more efficient ones. The life goes on and the sands are running out as well as people become more complicated and demanding or to the contrary now they take easy a lot of things. For sure you should check your approach and read some useful articles with updated secrets of a successful dating.

Now we want to list several examples of rules, which can be represented to you but they do not work anymore for the above reasons. It was supposed that only man could show the initiative. It is completely an old-fashion idea. On any dating website you can create your own profile so that women could read it and write a letter to you if they are interested. So, do not ignore this dating instrument and work on your personal data allowed on the site.

There are moments in life when you cannot boast of your perfect financial state but still you are responsible and ready to provide your wife with comfortable living conditions. Do not wait when you earn a million! It can happen that you will become alone with such approach. Just start intercourse in correspondence with women you like and let them know your merits and weak points, perhaps you will find a Russian woman who is not interested in expensive gifts and fabulous dating events and will be happy to build up the long-term relationship with you due to your common outlook on life and shared interests. The emotional and sexual attraction is very important as well, so your financial stability can be of no significance. Besides, in Russia there are a lot of rich women who are looking for love and can pay the bills by themselves.

You know, people usually wait for their true love believing that the feeling appears at first sight. But you can miss your significant other sitting at home without any attempts to build the relations with those who want to create a family and are ready to commit even if you cannot feel that magic chemistry from the very beginning. Just give a chance to a fortune. When you are looking for your destiny online, now it is highly recommended to start communication with several ladies while before you can hear that a man must not date two women at once. There is a difference, of course! You should be honest and respectful doing correspondence with several candidates and make your choice as soon as you are ready to decide which one is your soulmate. That will be correct behavior.

So get rid of old restrictions, mind the above and be proactive.