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How to understand that your bride from Russia fear rejection?

bride from Russia

It is a well-known fact that men and women differ from each other in a lot of things but probably one of their most common traits is a fear of outright refusal of a potential partner to continue relationships. For most people abandonment means almost betrayal depending on the level of dearness. The women in Russia are no exception. They need to trust in reliability of their partner. They want him to remain faithful to his responsibility. If there is no promise and confirmation of this promise on the part of a man, a lady will feel uncomfortable and behave unpredictable and even annoying sometimes. Do you still want to create a long-time relationship with a woman from Russia? In this case make sure that you are ready to commit and prove your serious intentions every day. If you are going to survive alone, do not bind yourself engaging. If you are family-oriented, you should accept that the marital union suggests that there should be commitments and you’d better forget about your masculine ego.

The women are intuitive human beings and they read much more using the sixth sense than a man can manage to understand mentally. But still she can exaggerate and think about tragic endings even if there are no grounds for them. She can imagine how you call her to say that you are going to leave her or you just run off with your new girl-friend without saying a word. Of course she understands that such destructive thoughts can materialize sooner or later. But she can do nothing with her doubts and fears. She wants to see all secrets and your desires in order to control the situation. If you see that a lady jokes too much and it does not look natural, asks a lot of question on one topic (how do you usually spend your evenings?), just try to help her to get rid of those negative thoughts. You should answer her questions briefly and exactly keeping countenance. Just show that you cannot go without her and appreciate that she has chosen you as a partner.

You can have a suspicion that your lady lacks the confidence in you when she gives you all you ask. You know, this is like a paradise: whatever you want she is going to offer you. It is not normal especially if this behavior is uncharacteristic of her. In this way she begins to require recognition for her to be a center of your life. She demands a lot of space and time to spend together and if you try to escape her, it will mean that you do not love your woman. Such demanding behavior can be demonstrated in her letters already when she will claim to check on your every movement during a day. This control allows her to support an uninterrupted connection with you and replace all other female in your life. She can regard any pretty lady in your surrounding as a threat. She suspects if you communicate with someone else when you dating online and continues being interested in this issue during all your life together. There is a chance that you like such attention but if you think that this is not the best way to keep the relations but you still love your significant other, find words to explain your rules respecting her expectation.

The fear of abandonment can also show as changeability when a lady pulls you in and suddenly pushes you off. It is not a game but it is rather lack of trust. She cannot cope with her doubts and she fails to control the situation so she needs something like protection. Love turns to be a fear to lose her partner instead of enjoyment and sunshine. Take this peculiar behavior into account when you cannot understand the reason of your break up. Perhaps she just gets nervous and prefers to refuse this stress to wait for rejection.