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How to ensure your bride from Russia that you are her significant other?

love with a Russian woman

Just imagine that you are in love with a Russian woman, which you meet on a dating website. Or probably there is no need to fancy because you really love a lady after some time of online communication. You adore her appearance, respect her attitude towards life, and feel interested in her ideas and hobbies. There is no doubt… on your part. But you are not confident in her feelings. She continues to respond to your letters, be sweet and attentive in your talks on the phone, but she does not hurry to draw a conclusion and to move on the matters. What can you do to precipitate the course of events?

First of all you should ask yourself what makes a woman to be happy with her partner. There are several variants but one reason can be considered as a common one for all ladies: she is with a particular man due to the way he can make her feel. Every lady has her own preferences in relations.

You cannot say that all Russian women are the same. Of course you can count on general traits peculiar to this nationality but every person needs an individual attention. So you are expected to understand what she wants to be. Is it clear? There it goes! One lady prefers to be strong and active, so if you support her idea to be helpful for you, if you show that her opinion is really useful, she will be grateful. Do not make efforts to fight with her trying to subdue. It goes without saying that you should be stronger than your bride-to-be in order to inspire her respect. But you’d better understand this difference. Your chosen one must feel that she is with a special man who treats her like she is the best and the one in the world for him.

Besides, it would be right to make her to be proud of you and need you. Show your merits and abilities especially if she lacks them. Is she afraid to take initiative in sexual subjects? Do it yourself without waiting until she convinces you of her affection… or make her to want to do it herself if you are able, but do not leave her with her difficulties blaming her for chill or unconcern. Let her feel that she is doing things right, that you are satisfied with her natural behavior and she will want to be with you. So the advice is simple – just accept her as she is without attempts to change her. If some traits are annoying for you, probably you should refuse building your relationship. Perhaps she is not your significant other. But if you are sure in your feelings, then look at this situation using a new angle. Do you like when someone even if being very attractive comes and tells you how to behave. You do not? In this case on what grounds do you believe that your way is the better one? Instead of criticism let her know, which her words and actions make you happy.

There can be another case when she is trying to be free hearted with you and you think something like: What is on her mind? Or what purpose is she going to achieve doing this? You know, there are a lot of women who are sincere in relations with men and it is a great sign if your lady wants to express her feelings openly. It is crucial to show her that she is understood by you. You should take her side whatever she does or almost whatever she does. Her stories should not be judged by you, even if the matter is not essential, and is not worth sixpence you are expected to pay attention to every detail and offer your advice if she needs it. She should feel comfortable and has a desire to tell you everything that occurs in her life. The indifference and suspiciousness are destructive of relations. So, when your bride-to-be believes that you are truly infatuated with her, she will feel the need in you getting closer and closer. She will want to spend more time with you thanks to your understanding and ability to create comfortable surroundings. The positive experience will insure her that you are her significant other.

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