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General recommendations as to creating love letters for your bride from Russia


When you start looking for a partner on a dating website you are supposed to be able to put your thoughts in writing. The pencraft is a gift from above, of course, but every adult person can master these skills being ungifted. Even if you have not e-mailed back and force before, it is high time to learn how to do it. In addition it is challenging to be able to write love letters, which differ from those made with the other purpose. By the way, you can feel it easier to express your innermost feelings for a woman in writing than to do it face to face. You can make a letter more intimate and personal picking your words more careful than you are allowed when you talk to her in a real life. This method is extremely recommended to men who have problems with verbal communication being too shy or nervous to open their inner world. Besides, in the case of rejection it is so simple to escape undesired attitude from the object of adoration.

But first of all the principle function of a love letter is to develop a relationship moving it to the next level of intimacy. You should not only give the necessary information about yourself, but you are also expected to attract attention, to make a preferable impression on your lady. The love letters can be made in a more presentational form comparing to a normal ones. Do not hesitate and choose a beautiful font from those available on you device, apply different colors, insert smileys or pictures. If you prefer to be serious excluding all those details, that is your choice, of course. But let yourself to be involved in this game! Perhaps you will like it… to be not so serious. Or at least you can write special letters for a particular day making it different from those written before. Try to find out more about correspondence of the famous people, the great names of history with their sweethearts. It can be an exciting time to spend for you both. You can develop your virtual personal seal and put it at the end of your letter every time or for particular cases. Remember that making efforts you show your affection and desire to please your woman. Unfortunately you cannot send a fragrance through the internet, but there are voice messages, which can be used by you, or you can send URLs with a beautiful melody or telling animation or your own video.

Now we should say a few words about the content. The most important requirement for love letters is to be honest writing from your heart. You can quote poets and this approach will be put by your partner in a win column but she wants to read your own sentences describing your life, character and feelings. The understanding of how to express emotions on paper usually has a huge impact on a woman. This is why it is recommended to read some examples of letters of popular personalities.

It goes without saying that your text should be free of mistakes, ungrammatical expressions, or rude words. Escape being ridiculous being too lyrical or too academic. This remark is not about jokes. You can demonstrate your sense of humor but be sure it is permissible. The various corny phrases and pet names such as "my babycakes" are usually not accepted but it depends on your level of intimacy and preferences of your partner that should be found out beforehand someway. Taking into account that you are going to do correspondence with a foreigner, who may know English or your mother tongue but still she is not a native speaker, you’d better avoid complicated words and too rare everyday language so that she could understand you in a proper way.

The crucial part of a message is its opening that should correspond to the stage of your relationship with a partner. You can turn to her using her name at the very beginning and after some time of successful communication in correspondence you can change this vocative with more personal word or even nickname she allows you to use.

So, become responsible for your activity already from the very beginning – your first love letter.