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Create a plan, which helps you to date with your bride from Russia


When you come to a decision that it is high time to change your marital status, it can happen that there is nobody around you who can be considered as your significant other. You will look at women of your social circle and probably you will fall to thinking of a partner’s personality. What kind of lady do you want to see as your wife? Can you answer this question right now without hesitation?

Most men can determine two or three traits and fall into disarray because they are not ready to mouth in concrete terms what they want. Though they are looking for that very right person or so called soulmate. We can concede that it happens when two partners meet and fall in love with each other at first sight having no thoughts about particular traits. They are just happy, thank their lucky stars, and ask no questions. Unfortunately the scenario of this kind is not for everybody. So why not to take control of your own destiny and start working on your future at this very moment? You have made the first step creating your account on the dating website hoping that you will be blessed with Russian ladies. That’s a good beginning! But remember that searching for a family-oriented partner is not for those who are in doubt or faint-hearted. Here you should be prepared to face a challenge and feel strongly inclined to build up the long-term relationships. In order not to lose your way you’d better make a step-by-step guide for your dating.

With a well thought-out plan you will be closer to your dream to create a family. You can use dating strategies, which are offered in different articles and have proved to be efficient. You should attach your priorities to your expectations. Do you prefer to have emotional or intellectual union, is it the most important thing for you to have the brilliant sex or to be close spiritually. Well, first of all, you will have to make certain that you understand your preferences as to your perfect family life. Are you ready to bear responsibility? Do you know what level of commitment is sufficient for you? Remember your previous relations, all happy and frustrating moments connected with them, your reasons and an opinion of your ex-partner as to your parting. Look at yourself, probably you should change your behavior, words or hopes, review your restrictions and beliefs in order to get what you want. It is highly recommended to do this investigation in writing. Now start with describing your bride-to-be. Put down her personal traits dividing them into groups: her appearance, her environment or social circle, her nature, education and hobby, attitude to family. Use simple words with clear definition; be honest to the fullest extent. Sooner or later you will get her pen-portrait.

The next step is to think over your dating strategy. Dating online you are supposed to write letters. Can you boast that you know how to do it in a proper way? Even if you are skilled in this activity, still find out the relevant rules offered on special websites including the peculiarities, which are typical for love letters, and the principle mistakes made in correspondence. You should remember about language difficulties when you are going to find your significant other among Russian ladies. Probably you’d better turn to a professional translator in order to avoid misunderstanding.

After one or two e-mails you are expected to find something in common between you and the chosen candidate, if you do - come over to courtship. There are a lot of ways to express your feelings online and please your lady. You both should feel comfortable about this communication. There are general recommendations but in a real life the behavior of partners depends on their desire. At this stage you’d better avoid being egoistic, ignorant and abrupt. Take the time to learn more about the culture and traditions of Russia, peculiarities of Russian women and use this information when communicating with your partner. Do not forget about details she tells you and develop your strategy on this ground. In this manner you will be able to show your interest and attraction.

By the way you should pay attention to your own profile and pictures placed on the dating website. You can even ask a person who you believe if your data is clear and telling.