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Apply or not apply the hard-to-get strategies dating online with your bride from Russia?

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Do you know what a hard-to-get strategy is? For example, you have a desire to get something so much that a person who possesses the object of your obsession forces up its price by all available means. This situation can be applied to dating as well. So when you are involved in the relationship, which seems to be mutual and you notice a sudden cold show on the part of your woman, do not hurry to draw conclusion and get nervous. Of course there can be different reasons for it, and you’d better exclude your own wrong behavior that can insult a lady. But if everything is all right and your partner takes you with indifference, it can be the above dating method. She is not going to push you away. To the contrary she attracts you in order to keep closer. This is a kind of mating dance, you know. When a partner is skilled in playing hard-to-get, it is possible to achieve the wanted result with high probability. But it goes without saying that it must be done without mistakes in order avoid the undesirable effect.

When dating online you have a few tools to initiate interaction and make your courtship exciting and arousing. You want your bride-to-be to fall apart waiting for your letters. You expect that your tender words take her breath… Believe it or not but she wants the same and can invite you to play the game of hide-and-seek. Once again you should be confident that you interpret the coming signals in a proper way. And the result of this game should be successful and enjoyable for both parties.

Here you are expected to be creative in order to have fun; nobody wants to get bored when dating. To the certain extent this game can be rather amusing and necessary, so return your lady her lead and show that you really have a serious interest in long-term relationships. Besides, during this activity you can prove your expectations from a partner. You think: “No. I will never stand this attitude!” But when a woman means a lot for you, you can come to terms with her. Once again, you can try it yourself, attracting your lady by some inadequate reaction, but remember that this game requires the experience otherwise you take risks to lose her. What are the simplest examples of the hide-and-seek behavior? You can miss her messages or calls if you communicate over phone. You can write short letters pretending that you have tough schedule, wait to show your affection and such and such. She can behave like this as well. Of course if both of you take this position, the relations will appear to be not possible. One of you should be a “victim”. Do you like the scenario like this? Probably it does not sound attractive. Such behavior can be even regarded as rude and mean. Here a sense of proportion holds meaning. Just imagine – your partner escapes discussing your face-to-face meeting. Is she a scammer? Or does she dislike you? Or is she playing expecting you to find an attractive way to persuade her? These thoughts can become a real headache. You will get tired scratching head over these puzzles. You can even refuse investing your time in this correspondence and she can consider it as counter-move and continue playing… or just support your idea to break up. It’s up to you to decide how to behave in such a situation. You can escape that kind of stress or go on with your communication or talk to her openly letting her know that you prefer to exclude such behavior from your relations.

You should know that the hard-to-get strategies can include light and offenseless patterns, which are even recommended. For example, you can wait to be a pushover, creating distance, but it cannot last forever, just set the period for this stage. You should understand her desires and give her what she wants changing a little bit its form or way of giving. You can insist on something she does not want to do and then suddenly to step back. Being close enough you can initiate polite sexual conversations when she is not ready for it. All the above mentioned may thrill her feeling without side effects… though people are different and there is no guarantee that using this strategy you will succeed.